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Hi, I'm Shauna and I am a social-media-aholic - which is great news for you!

I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada but these days, I split my time between my home in Alberta and Washington State - which allows me so many amazing opportunities to meet and help people elevate their businesses locally, and beyond.


With nearly 10 years of experience, I have helped grow and represent brands large and small. I specialize in small to mid sized businesses who need help extending their reach online, establishing their brand and creating engaging and memorable experiences for their customers and followers. I am proud to say, that many of my clients have become more than just people I've worked with - but friends - and I learn something from each and every one of them. 

One of my most unique qualities as a marketer - is that I am also an employee, a consumer, and a fan. I don't take on clients, businesses or products that I myself wouldn't endorse, support or use. Why? How can you get other people excited about something you yourself aren't excited about? How can you accurately talk about a service you haven't had or performed? How can you brag about how great something is, that you'd never use? How can you relate to a target market that you have never been a part of?

The first thing someone in my position has to understand is what people want - and what they don't.  That is what you get with me - a real person. No nonsense. No sugar-coating. I will tell you what I believe you need, how I think we can achieve it, and what is hindering your business.

I don't have a fancy piece of paper from an over-priced institution that informs people of my qualifications - I have years of real life, hard work and experience and happy clients. 

When I'm not working, you can usually find me scrolling social media consuming every meme I can find, binge watching the latest series that has taken over my life,  trying my hand at a new recipe, playing video games and streaming on Twitch, travelling, deep diving new music on Spotify or out exploring with my phone in my hand ready to take entirely too many photos. 

So now you know a bit more about me - why don't you tell me a bit more about you? Get in touch today and lets have a chat about what makes you - and your business - special. 
(And then, tell the world!)


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