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Look mom, I'm famous!

The first edition of Elle & Beauty

Just kidding. I'm not actually famous - but I am featured in a new local magazine!

If you haven't already heard, a wonderful local entrepreneur named Annie has recently launched a new magazine for Edmonton and Area!

It's called Elle & Beauty - and it's filled from cover to cover with amazing deals on local goods and services, plus some great articles written by local experts. It's focus is on all things fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle, partnering with TONS of locals to curate exclusive offers for readers.

How did I end up involved, and why is my marketing business the only one featured?

Annie reached out to the social account of one of my social media management clients, pitching her magazine looking for local businesses to get involved. Of course, I urged my client to jump on the opportunity for some free ad space in exchange for a couple VIP offers for the people who buy it.

I worked with Annie and her designer to get the info, images and details ironed out, but saw an opportunity to not only assist her with finding other locals to partner with, but get some of my clients featured as well.

Before long we had chatted a bit and I learned more about her vision for Elle & Beauty and saw her passion for the project, and asked if services like mine might be welcome - and I was honored when she invited me to join the fold and share some wisdom. (So, if you're reading this because you saw my two-page feature? Welcome!)

If you want to check out Elle & Beauty for yourself and gain access to some stellar deals (including some marketing discounts from me!), you can pick up your copy by visiting www.elleandbeauty.com!

You can also find them on insta and Facebook, @elleandbeautyinc !