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Welcome and Hello from SC!

Hello new potential friend! Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. My name is Shauna and if you made it this far you probably already read my blurb on the home page telling you a little about me. Well strap in, I'm going to take some time to do a little more of that. I'm a thirty something woman from #yeg (Which, is the trendy airport code for Edmonton, Alberta CANADA!) who has spent her whole life wondering how she *should* be living it. I have had a whole lot of jobs in a whole lot of industries in my adult life and wound up stumbling into all sorts of marketing gigs. I spent time working for a promotional marketing company called Mosaic which specializes in face-to-face interactions and launching products to the market. Oh boy, that was a fun gig. I worked in radio and each week was a new marketing opportunity. Live on locations at stores, trade shows and events were a constant. I maintained blogs, social media accounts and all sorts of other exciting things for lots of exciting (and not so exciting) companies for as long as I can remember. Fast forward to 2017, I was the marketing manager for a local app development company. My employer paid to put me through an amazing content creation course via a local marketing firm in Edmonton and it was then that I realized - finally - THIS IS AWESOME. Since that time, I have ventured off onto this journey into working for myself. I have taken so many skills, experiences and teachings with me and am super excited to be launching my home-based marketing company. As a contractor, I can dedicate my time to my clients without worrying about other office stuff coming up (because we all love dropping everything to run to staples for more toner, right?) and take on only as many clients and projects that I can confidently say I can handle. I want to give each and every person who I work with the time and attention they deserve and leave them feeling satisfied with their end product. My goal isn't volume and loads of cash, it is to create engaging content that matters. Being a contractor, I can choose which brands and companies that I want to work with based on how we vibe, my knowledge or interest in the product and whether or not I am the best fit for their needs. This is an amazing gift that most professional marketers dream of, but are often limited by their company or firm. I am, so excited. I have already landed some great clients and hit the ground running with some super cool projects, campaigns and websites and look forward to meeting new people and taking on new ventures very soon. Thank you again, for stopping by and taking the time to let me ramble about myself once more. Marketing is truly a fascinating industry and I hope to share some great tips, stories and adventures with you via this blog in the days to come. Cheers! Shauna