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Your Insta style

Whether you are starting a fresh new page or updating your current Instagram, setting a tone for your Insta style is a great way to not only attract attention, but communicate your vibe.

Here are some things to consider when planning your Instagram posts: 1) Colors - Having a good flow of consistent colors, lighting and backgrounds is the first and easiest step in creating a cohesive Instagram style for your page. By using (or editing!) compatible tones and looks you will instantly elevate your overall appearance. If you have a brand-guide, try to use the colors that are included in your logos and graphics already for the most seamless transition. 2) Fonts - If your posts regularly include text on the actual images, be sure to choose fonts that are not only easy to read, but blend together. Experiment with different font choices for headers, captions, quotes and information to see what works best for your brand. If you have had your branding guide created for you by an artist or company, you can always check with them to see what fonts they used while creating your assets and mimic the style yourself. 3) Hashtags - This can require a little research (or a great social media manager!) but finding the hashtags that will connect you your audience is one of the best ways to achieve growth organically on your page. Some great starting tips are to look at the airport code or area codes for your city and branch out - here in Edmonton the hashtag #yeg can start a whole list of things from food, fashion, beauty and beyond. Using these hashtags will ensure your audience is local if you are a local influencer or business and gaining the right attention. Don't be afraid to explore and experiment to see what hashtags work best for you - even a simple google search can provide some great suggestions on your industry. Feeling stuck? Check out other businesses in your industry and see what hashtags they are using to get attention! 4) Tagging and post attribution - Whenever possible do your best to tag people, products, locations and anything else in your post and your photos! You can give photo credit, shoutout your models, tag your favorite product suppliers featured or even give love to the local business you took the amazing selfie in - every little bit helps! By tagging other accounts, they not only have the chance to engage with your posts, but might even pass the love along and share it on their story or account themselves! Gaining access to new audiences can not only win you some new follows, but new customers as well! Good luck and happy posting!