Profile setup & Customization
I will create your social media accounts on any platform. Package includes custom banner/header images, profile photo/icons, populating your business information, adding any photos or media you wish and creating some custom posts and graphics for your business.
Prices vary by platform, starting at $75 up to $250 based on the amount of work per platform. Multiple platforms can be combined into a package for a discount. 
Profile facelift
Need a quick social media makeover? I can update your header and profile photo
images with fresh custom content in the appropriate pixel size and resolution for your platform.
Starting at $75/platform,  multiple platforms can be combined into a package for a discount. 
social media management
Grow your social media audience by creating engaging posts, graphics and content tailored to your business. Daily monitoring of the social media pages of your choosing in order to make your fans feel important. We will set out a weekly posting guideline to make sure fresh content is going out on a regular basis and keeping your news and announcements in the spotlight. Each social media management package can be customized based on how many profiles you want included, how many posts you want to put out per week and what types of content you'd like to see. 
Social media management packages are quoted on a case to case basis. Each client's needs are unique​ and will be determined with a consultation. I will help identify the most appropriate social media platforms to focus on and we will come up with a content schedule and style together.


Video production
Whether you need a quick 15 second video or a full length 2 minute commercial I can write, create, shoot, produce and edit a great video for real life or online use. Full caption services are also available. Great for companies who want to tell a story, feature their product or provide video testimonials from their clients. 
Video pricing varies based on project length, scope, scale and if I need to rent/hire an outside source (Professional cameras, Lighting rigs, Voiceover artists, extra shooters, motion graphics etc)
Please contact me with your vision!
Aspiring vlogger but have no tech skills when it comes to polish? You can send me your footage for editing or have me shoot and edit the whole thing! I can also edit footage/photos from parties, events, weddings and more into a great piece to remember the occasion by. Videos will be provided by Dropbox download link or USB/DVD at extra charge. 
Prices vary by length of video and scope of work. Please contact me for a quote!
Have a company blog but are struggling to write articles? No problem! With a quick consult about who you are, what you do and what you are looking for I can write you a custom blog post that you may post on your website under your name.
Custom blog ghostwriting starting at $30.00/article and increase for length and/or research time, subject depending. 

custom websites

Custom website design
Hey check out this website! Isn't it shiny? Well, you can have your very own shiny website just like this one, or one of the many others I have designed within two weeks! I specialize in customizing template websites such as (This website is made on Wix!) in order to deliver superior products that are EASY EASY EASY for the client to update themselves and manage content after it's been turned over. Web developers are smart people and know all sorts of coding skills to build these things from scratch - but if you are looking to hire someone to make you a website? Chances are, you do not have these skills. Template based websites are fully equipped to customize everything from header to footer and each website build includes a complimentary "learning session" to teach you how to maintain your site, edit or add photos, text and other features yourself. 
Website pricing varies based on number of pages needed, scope of work and whether or not we need to purchase stock images to display. Basic web package starting at $800. (This cost DOES NOT INCLUDE the purchase of a domain name and website hosting. I can help you purchase a domain name and hosting at no extra charge but this cost is on top of design services)


Need more info, new photos or services added to your website? Hourly rates for maintaining created websites start at $30/h.
Whether you need new business cards, tri-fold pamphlets, in-store signage, standing banners, letterhead, t-shirts, pens or anything in-between - I can design your print material graphics any way you want. I even do invitations!
Option 1 - I can design and deliver you the .PSD or .AI file and you can source your own printing.
Option 2* - I can design your materials and after you approve them, I can order them and deliver the finished product right to you. 
Pricing varies by the number of designs needed. Starting at $50.00 for a basic business card design. Any photos or special fonts must be provided by the client, or download/purchase of assets will be added to the cost.
*Design and delivery services only available to local clients and may require payment up front. Please inquire for details.
Need some new graphics for your website or social media pages? Perhaps a digital flyer for your special event or big sale? What about an an e-mail signature? Maybe you need a new logo, banner, overlay or headings for your Twitch stream? Let's talk!
Digital design prices vary by project. Please contact me with your vision!
Photo editing
Let's face it - sometimes looking GREAT in a photo is not as easy as it sounds! I can help with that too. I offer full photo retouching and manipulation services. Perhaps you have a great shot from your vacation that came out just a little too dark, or you really want to airbrush up your skin and whiten your teeth to be Instagram ready? Maybe you need an image made into a transparent .png or have an amazing selfie that is ruined by that pesky mustard stain. Just let me know! I can take you from normal to flawless, change lighting and stylize your photos!


Need some pointers in order to do things yourself? I offer consulting services in a variety of areas. I can go over your social media accounts and let you know where you need to improve in order to succeed. I can provide a market analysis of who your audience is and provide suggestions on how to engage with them. I can take a look at your website and provide feedback and tips for success. Need help coming up with a marketing plan, cool contest or something else? Lets chat.
Consulting service fees vary by task. Starting at $100
Promo Marketing/trade shows
Face to face interactions are some of the best ways to spread the word and give your business the attention it deserves. However, you have to be on point and ready for those interactions. I can design your print materials, offer design services for any swag you want to hand out, design you a standing banner and hanging banner to get your booth started. What's more? I can provide lead cards, pitch scripts, custom ballots and ballot boxes. All aspects of a trade show booth can be done affordably online via Vistaprint, or you can take your content to a local printer as well.  If you have all of the stuff you need already but are looking for someone to help out at your booth - I do that as well. 
Promo Marketing/Trade Show services are priced depending on services needed. Please contact me!
Do you need an ad created and run for your company on social media, google or an external website? I can do that. Using targeted analytics based on the results you want to achieve we will design a single or multiple ad campaigns for you. 
Pricing platform based, please contact me for a quote. Price of ad costs added to the design fee.

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